Am antenna hook up How to I make an AM Antenna?

Am antenna hook up, did you make this instructable?

It only has to have one contact since the radio waves are basically static. This is so easy, I just had to share it. In the meantime you can save up the dollars and go buy a real cap while your looking at this one made out of a paper envelope in AWE. We have a be nice comment policy. I'll still agree with the 30 AWG wire suggestion. Good Luck with that and Again, hooking any loop directly across the receiver inputs will degrade its performace as the input on your receiver is 75 ohms as I recall.

Your antenna's aperture 12' loop is probably too big.

Connecting the FM and AM antennas

I wouldn't use cat5 or any other twisted pair wire for an antenna unless it is untwisted first. This is usually specified again across a 75 ohm impedance. July 16, Moderator Member Offline Posts: About This Topicviews. The twists are there to help reject interference such as radio, which is the point of an antenna.

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Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. I was about to try this, but I thought my wife would deem it "tacky", even on the garage wall.

W4AMV on June 12, I don't have a broadcast variable capacitor of pF.

AM loop antenna assembly

If you want some gain on a loop antenna, in the AM broadcast band, see my other recent comment regarding the antenna's aperture try it around a 2' square. Just so you have an am antenna hook up of what I'm working with, there is an attached picture of my stereo, front view. I Used a 12ft length of CAT5 ethernet cable to create 8 loops of insulated wire as described in the Instructable but still can not get very good am antenna hook up on local AM Stations that are less than 20 Miles away.

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AM loop antenna for my receiver. Connected the two ends to the two antenna connectors on the TX and that at least picks up strong AM stations but there's a lot of static on weaker but not that weak AM stations.

Sometimes the inductance is even marked on the loop.

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Please login or register. Try 50' of 30AWG insulated wire around a 24" approx picture frame if you want more gain. Your truck radio antenna is "loaded" by inductance to be electrically longer than it appears to be. The truck radio also has a very efficient counterpoise to the vertical antenna, the metal truck body. Oh, and don't use coax or a metal picture frame.

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See you in about two weeks. Do I need to put in other components? MorrisSWL on June 12, You will have to inductively couple your radio. When the long wire is used, you should then find a ground point and connect this tab back.