Are you a loser if you do online dating Online dating is for losers/ugly people and other stigmas……

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The other problem is that as a guy, the fact that you're on a dating site to begin with makes you come off as desparate by default, so until you prove otherwise, you have that going against you in the girls' eyes. Don't have an account?

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But none of them were simultaneously interested in me AND have me interested in them. You are all idiots u dismiss dating sites yet u are part of these dating sites. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? OkCupid submitted 1 year ago by Leo The story he's telling you, that they're trying to split things up and that they're doing it for the kidsis usually B.

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The majority of people that contacted me on those sites did not read my profile and were only looking for one thing. Normal people who are in their 20's are fine with online dating and many succeed because they were smart about it, but just as you can be dumb about it offline you can be online. He wants to get laid.

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While it never worked out, I was happy with my experience and met some really nice guys on there. Melbourne crew ENTP for life.

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November I met my FI online. Just be prepared to weed through the crap. July I met my FI online.

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There were some creepy people trying to ask for inappropriate things or are you a loser if you do online dating gross comments but they were promptly blocked. Very few people I know have had success with them in terms of a relationship. Don't let people knock you off course cause they lack brains.

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And even if you are under 25 and going to college. You can post your own profile, but you cannot post anyone else's without moderator's permission.

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The bottom line is: I don't think you can show me a city in North America with a population of over say 50, where you can't find attractive people in every day life on a semi regular basis.

However, I talked to several other very nice men as well. And I have to say — the men I met online always turned out to be a better match for me than the ones I met through my social circles.

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He's thinking of moving there; he's heard such wonderful things. It's time consuming and a lot of work. If a man lives in the same house as his wife, there's a good chance he's still married. So you, being a woman who'd love to show a guy around especially a sexy guygo into flirtatious mode. About online dating, no I don't think it is for losers. That being said, these sites also attract a lot of 'scraps' of the dating world who can't make it work meeting people in real life for a variety of reasons: I think of it like this I met my DH on Yahoo personals.

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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 of total. I highly recommend using a paid site. To me, it was just another place to meet someone. A man who can't commit to meet within the first week is a man you need to drop from your phone. You do realize that lots of us live in communities with less than population, don't you?

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