Average cost of dating services How Much Do Matchmakers Cost?

Average cost of dating services

Many matchmaking companies offer additional services such as image consulting, dating coaches, and even home evaluations, where she'll come to your house like she's your date and offer feedback based on what she sees. Services go by time one or two years or by the number of matches you receive. And you'll notice prices vary tremendously from matchmaker to matchmaker, which leaves you asking, "What's a reasonable amount to pay?

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A difference also exists between businesses run predominantly to make money and those run by someone who actually cares about the service sold. The Matchmaking Institute estimates that there are over 2, professional matchmakers in the US, with new businesses starting up every day 2.


Do not use these kinds of services. Related Book Relationships For Dummies.

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The service does the work while you have all the fun. I've stuffed it to the brim with essential tips on finding the best possible expert for your love life at an absolute bargain price. In addition, because the matchmaker has to match you, she has to keep the numbers relatively even with regard to sex, age, and other variables.

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Missing out on this insider information would be like standing up your ideal partner on the first date, and then burning a stack of hundred dollar bills. In contrast to library-type matchmaking services, where you basically do all the work and can consequently bid down the price, personalized matchmaking services do as much of the work for you as possible.

If you claim your free " 7 Secrets Matchmakers Don't Want You To Know " Report now and read it until the very end, I'll reveal exactly how to get an astoundingly low price on some of the highest-quality matches money can buy.

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Since dating burnout is often a problem with other methods, this is a big advantage over library services, personal ads, and any other dating method where you do more of the work. And then there's the fun part, the expense that makes it all worth it - having her screen potential candidates and send you out on dates with high-quality matches. So what exactly do I get for all this spiritual partner dating site I'm investing?

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So average cost of dating services all methods of finding a special sweetie, personal matchmaking services have their drawbacks, too — the amount depending on the specifics of that service.

Chances are, the tests you take are just quizzes, and results may not even be taken into consideration. You'll smile when you see it. This is a huge advantage over the library services.

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Personal matchmaking services vary enormously, depending on their population; the credentials, training, skill, professionalism, and ethics of the matchmaker; whether the company is a nationwide franchise or a more personalized boutique service; whether the matchmaker meets you or average cost of dating services and whether the service is a real business or a hobby the owner is doing to meet a special someone. Where do I start?

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Once you start looking for a matchmaking service, you'll quickly realize that prices vary from around a thousand bucks to well into the six figure range. Nothing in life is perfect.

Some matchmakers include these additional services in their fees. Most personal matchmaking services will interview you extensively, asking questions about your relationship goal and match preferences.

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