Can i hook up speakers without a receiver Cutting Out the Middleman: Turntable Setups Without a Receiver

Can i hook up speakers without a receiver

The Klipsch R15 PMand any turntable you want.

The budget option:

Links to this model manual that I found http: Orb speakers are compatible with most receivers rated up to watts. I had no stereo and knew little about what I was getting into.

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Have a good Thanksgiving. But I'm not sure exactly which one I need in order for this to work and not damage my speakers and or the amp. I have a pair hooked up to my computer and they scream.

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I have an AV receiver I am no longer using and hence have. Consider adding a second receiver or a wireless music player that has. The vertical lines representing spaces between the books can be black; the book titles, gilt.

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What cables do i need to connect them for enhan solved How to connect TV Ears wireless speaker with home entertainment system when receiver has no available audio out solved Connecting a Samsung smart TV that has direct TV to a Koss digital home theatre system.

I can i hook up speakers without a receiver one of those might work but just wanted to double check from people who know more about this type of thing so I didn't end up buying something that I couldn't use. Firestorm24 November 29, 2: I don't really want to get a new receiver because of their complexity and price and so I'm wondering how I could connect these as directly to my TV as possible.

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Ok I think I am going to go with this amp. My tv and reciever only have optical output.

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Spotify Connect lets you play Spotifys streaming music library. Ok that's what I thought. Epitaph95 Apr 27,2: I ha solved All my old stereo system speakers just have the two-channel connections.

Can i hook up two bookshelf speakers to my Panasonic TCS60 without using a receiver. I'm not wanting to put too much money into it but still have something that sounds decent. Ask a new question.

The mid-range option:

It cant get simpler than this. If your computers speakers arent up to snuff, you can send audio from its. I know next to nothing about this stuff but I know that I need a hub or decoder of some sort but from my 5 minutes of googling it seems like decoders only work if the speakers have a built in amp, which these don't.

Firestorm24 November 18, 4: Or would I have to get amps that had RCA inputs on them?