Dating auto tires How Old Are Your Tires? Check the Born-On Date

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What guidelines should I follow when mixing tires on 4WD vehicles?

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Just another reason why it's so important to check your tire pressure. The only exception is if your spare tire is actually a 5th full-size tire that exactly matches the tires on your vehicle. The seller of the tires might want to hide the date to sell old tires but the manufacturer who stamps the tire has no benefit hiding the stamp.

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After five years or more in use, your tires should be thoroughly inspected at least once per year by a professional. A staggered fitment is putting larger wheels on the back of your vehicle than the front of your vehicle.

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Tires made after have a four-digit DOT code. How Old Are My Tires?

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For instance would signify the 24th week of People who live in warm weather and coastal states should keep this in mind when deciding whether they should retire a tire. The first two digits are the week of manufacture, and the last two digits are the year.

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So if you purchase new tires that were manufactured exactly two datings auto tires ago they will be covered for a total of six years four years from the date of purchase as long as you have your receipt. The chronological age of any tire can be found on the tire sidewall by examining the characters following the symbol "DOT".

Here is an example to show how to check the date code. For tires manufactured dating auto tires to the yearthree numbers instead of four indicate the date of manufacture. All-Season tires are a practical solution designed for year round usage with typically a long tread life.

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In a number of instances, consumers have purchased "new" tires at retail stores only to find out later that they were manufactured years earlier. Michelin recommends checking with the vehicle manufacturer to identify any restrictions to an alternate tire size.

Why would the big tire manufactures want to pull their tires off the shelf to be destroyed?

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While the previous Tire Identification Number format identified that a tire was built in the 8th year of a decade, there was no universal identifier that confirmed which decade tires produced in the s may have a small triangle following the Tire Identification Number to identify the decade. Tire manufacturers such as Continental and Michelin say a tire can last up to 10 years, provided you get annual tire inspections after the fifth year.

My tire is low: If you want to leave your wheel diameter the same, you can still change to a wider tire. These are off-road tires designed to give you excellent grip in mud, dirt and rocks.

It pays to be an informed consumer, both in terms of finance and safety.

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Look for 4 numbers together, often enclosed in a raised oval. Souza's Tire Service employs a well-trained staff specializing in the sale and installation of passenger car, performance and light truck or SUV tires. This particular tire was made the 35 th week of Please hear us out on this one. The age warning also applies to spare tires and "new" tires that have never been used but are old.

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The lifespan and mileage of a tire depends of a combination of factors: What Happens to a Tire as It Ages? This is to prevent a potential oversteer condition.

This cracking can eventually cause the steel belts in the tread to separate from the rest of the tire.

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