Dating sheffield silver plate Sheffield plate

Dating sheffield silver plate

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Being much harder than copper, it was used from the mids but only for articles such as trays or cylindrical items that did not require dating sheffield silver plate shaping. The lists in these mark books are incomplete at best, but they do provide a starting point which is very helpful.

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That standard means an item is made of These marks are quite small and can be hard to find. Almost every article made in sterling silver was also crafted by Sheffield makers, who used this manufacturing process to produce nearly identical wares at far less cost. Another mark will give the year that the item was assayed generally speaking the year it was made -these are letters in a shield device. Old Sheffield Plate; halo around the initials which denotes the edge of sterling silver inlay.

This helped to protect the consumer, for if it was determined that the silver object was not actually pure enough to be marked as silver, the culprit could be found and punishment could be meted out.

All of these details enable one to determine date of manufacture.

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In this case the "S" stands for "Sons". The "double sandwich" form of Sheffield plate was developed around The "LTD" indicates that the piece was made after that date.

A set of symbols imitating the shape of sterling silver hallmarking. That in the left with the crown is Levesley Brothers - Sheffield.

Then there are makers marksusually only letters which will identify the maker. In Parliament established the standard for purity for sterling silver and instituted a mark indicating that an item is of sufficient purity to be deemed sterling. The marks made it possible to trace the maker and the place of manufacture.

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Electroplating tends to produce a "brilliant" surface with a hard color — as it consists of pure rather than sterling silver and is usually deposited more thinly. The orange is copper that is now showing through as the silver is wearing.

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In this case the "S" stands for "Sheffield". This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat This is a page of 'The What is? This is a page of 'The What is?

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There were untold numbers of silverplaters in the 19th century and much of the information about the smaller manufacturers has been lost. G into a shield is accompanied by symbols and letters into four different outlines imitating a sterling hallmark. The mark is a Lion Passant -the image of a lion walking, facing left. If you look at a piece of English silver and wonder if it is sterling or if it is plated, it is easy: Mark for the city of Sheffield Lion Passant: Much of its dating sheffield silver plate was exported, especially to the United States.

These are rare and seldom recognised. This makes difficult the research of information for inexperienced people.


The Port Web Design www. The objective of this page is to help the visitors of the site in deciphering the marks of their British silverplate. Languages Svenska Edit links.

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It can be difficult to read the marks when over time they become worn down with polishing. As silver objects made before are quite rare, I shall restrict my comments to those made after that date. If it were silverplate, it would be smooth. In this case the number was registered in If you are looking at a piece that is initialed or has the coat of arms of the owner engraved on the front of the object, you might see a faint, usually round circle that surrounds the engraving.

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