Is6 matchmaking New update makes Preff MM worse! Like IS6. (+Topic comes with solution)

Is6 matchmaking

In another words - in previous system it was possible for tier 8 battle to contain tier 6 tanks, in new system it's no longer possible. You won't get punished as much for mistakes due to its low-proximity platform.

Reload time decreased from 7. Don't know what you have read, but IS-6 will only fight against tier tanks.

Reload time decreased from 5. Terrain resistance improved for all types of terrain.

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What about the SU85i. Edited by Strummer54, 01 May - IS6 makes good profits anyway, so I'll reserve judgement till after, if I can better this, I'll be happy.

Some may even feel that now they are being forced to purchase another premium tank, because credit grinding in IS-6 will be problematic, and it's problematic in regular tanks as well, matchmaking with premium account.

This topic Forums Help Files. Reload time of the autoloader increased from 9. It doesnt include the lowest tier they see Also, yes I know my number of battles is low, but I matchmaking to know this now since the T26E5 will only be in the premium shop for a limited time.

Additional Statistics Top Configuration. The 1st column on the left hand side translates to "Vehicle Tier". Just to add some hard data to the thread, the wotb asia news have the full list of buffs: We were told it won't matchmaking Tier X tanks and it will not.

What tank is worth getting? The rear of the turret and hull are significantly weaker than the other sides, however, and one should be very careful about enemy tanks getting behind the IS You will still be getting pref MM with the IS6.

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Which tank is stronger? The good mobility of this tank, combined with it's other features gives it the flexibility that many other Tier 8 premium heavy tanks lack. Average armor penetration of APCR shells increased from to mm. Reload time decreased from 10 to 9.

Will that be adequate? This is just preferred MM.

Proud noob member of A ctive F rontline K lan. Why is the valentine a med? Decreasing time by few milliseconds doesn't make it able to do the same amount of dmg it had the potential to at t6s. I have it researched APaperTiger 19 Posted 03 June - YN 24 Posted 01 May - Sign In Email address: Not matchmaking tier 6 any more wont be the death of it, and the performance and credit buffs are welcome.

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Reload time decreased from 3. But if you can master this, the IS6 is an excellent tank. In hindsight, that great teacher, a T34 would have been a better choice imho.

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