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Kerri dating mason

I learned so much from the other women on the show, and no dating mason what I will always appreciate a woman who is unapologetically herself, and a woman who doesn't let anyone make her question herself.

Stay in touch all! My experience would mean nothing without all of the incredible fans and I love that social media gives us a medium to interact!!! There is no weakness in dating mason so glad I was able to make amends with these incredible individuals! I talk to Elissa a lot, we bonded a lot after the show ended, we really kinda came to a resolution and understood each other a lot better.

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Waste no time trying to explain yourself to someone committed to not understanding you. I think it was natural just to feel that we had feelings for each other, but not necessarily understand what those feelings were aside from a very strong bond. So I just really felt the need to give him a second chance.

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They forgave me for being a confused, defensive mess and I am so grateful for it! That he is an incredible, incredible man, he is very good at loving people for who they are, but he is also a bit of a shiny-objects chaser. What was it like with him immediately following your decision? She is literally the opposite of everything he says he wants, but like Chris is a shiny objects chaser, he sees something pretty and he wants a piece of it, so….

Never do anything on FaceTime you don't want exploited You spend the whole time being insecure and doubting yourself and waiting for that guy to look for the next best thing.

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They are already friends, and friendship is the foundation of a good relationship and blah blah blah, and also, they are both so NICE, right? It can be difficult to connect with someone when they differ from you so greatly, but when you step back and take a moment to learn from them, and understand that you will always be different but you can also mutually respect each other, that is when people truly enhance your life!

Don't forget to join me at The Lodge in Tampa tonight for the finale!!! I chose Mason for a couple reasons… One of the datings mason that I chose Mason was because of what I recognized about Chris: I had such a fun time as a bartender!

If you only surround yourself with people exactly like you, you will never grow or change. But you better bet your ass that so will I!!! I actually keep in touch with a significant amount of the cast, I definitely have stayed in touch with a lot of the girls. He actually told me on our way home that he was pursuing someone else. But for the most part, I made friends with every girl in the house. For all of you daring, spontaneous, sexy people out there who want a chance at the same incredible experience I had, you can apply NOW for season 3!!!

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I did irreversible damage to our relationship and I understand and accept that. Well, I think the first thing that people would want to know is what the situation was with Chris was after you made your decision that you were not choosing him.

Oh, we actually did have a conversation, we sat down and talked about everything and I think the conclusion we reached was that we had kinda of gone through this very unique experience together, and no matter what, going through something like that is gonna bond you to someone, is gonna tie you to them.

You had a lot of guys fighting over you, and to your credit, you seemed to be unimpressed when that would happen.

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Xoxo miss you both already lookinfly. Since you mentioned Dan…when we first meet Dan, he seemed great, he was so handsome and charming and then I think things went down hill so fast, like that first night when he was drunk.

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Much love to ALL of the incredible women I met during this experience, thank you for teaching me about self worth, fun, confidence, independence, breaking down barriers, and proving that women are not perpetually in competition with one another.

So, obviously you chose Mason.