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It tends to make me like them even more.

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You reread every text. The reason why my posts are so called "palatable" in comparison is because I'm not willing to consistently go to either extreme. Although most research shows that we tend to date others who we perceive as similar to us in physical attractiveness, recent research by Hunt et al. Now allow me to spare you the immediate and obvious rejoinder: You are reading Dating and Mating.

It might say the opposite. I also want to add that I'm not making any statements about height or weight.

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If it's more fun for you, it's less of a chore, and you can find common ground with other practitioners to boot. When everyone around you is attracted to one person, it makes them more valuable.


But…like I said in my other comment, I've just never seen that myself ever. Except maybe for the 3rd paragraph problem though anyone actually using the word hypergamy is pretty suspectthose sound like MRA types, who I don't think it's fair to say represent most guys.

Thanks for posting this video.

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I describe people like that as buffoons even if they are supposed to relatively human rather than clownish and ridiculous. That, or dating within your league like the realist that you are.

That may end up being the case, sure, but there are other possibilities as well.

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Instead of making this a hypothetical were you are arguing that these guys are out of your league, why not keep this to reality in which you are out of their league? Leagues are just imaginary boundaries that keep men and women from trying.

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That is, obviously, not a good thing…. Yeah, that was pretty egregious.

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I wouldn't say that Burt Reynolds is sexy because of his body hair, but it's definitely part of the package, as in, I don't think Burt Reynolds would be the same kind of sexy if he waxed that hair mat off. In a lot of modern comedy, most of the characters are buffoons. If we're dating out of your league to look at how women are judged by others, shouldn't we also look at how men in those same situations are judged? Many people have told you what is likely going wrong.


Was she perceived as a sap even by them, or is this something that modern audiences react to more strongly because we've been exposed to so many variations on this same cliche? For me personally, it's a bad idea, since I have a bad enough time getting "average" I see them as attractive, but from an objective standpoint, they are probably average to cute, much like you guys tell me I am guys interested in me. Do you have a video of yourself? And it all starts making sense — he never wanted love. The first phrase should read "unless the leagues tou mean are values and preferences".

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There's no huge dating out of your league of depth to the guys, so they also fall into the same role I said earlier where it's easy for a one dimensional character to doesn't take risks to appear mature.

In that way, he, as an academic, was outof my league.


Guy A and Girl B have great conversations and make each other laugh. Ya know why Oz is single?

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It's way more fun, if only because it's filled with so many possibilities. He doesn't have to take her out for dinner or chase after her or introduce her to his friends.

When with another girl Adam dates for a while inspires online comments about how he's borderline-rapey — you notice the character is back getting together with him again in the next episode.

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My ex-dates overall seemed to thing that I was a rather pleseant fellow and most of them seemed to have fun, only one really seemed to dislike, they just did not seem to see me as dating material for some reason that I can't comprehend. Some people were in the "perfect" relationship on paper, but had to walk away because it didn't work for them for various reasons.

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Have you seen…say, Gossip Girl?