Power supply hookup How to Replace Your Desktop PC’s Power Supply

Power supply hookup

What of is the other question. If the power supply is cramped, you may need to loosen the screws holding some drives in place and pull them forward a bit.

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Any other related advice would be appreciated. Motherboards usually include small four-pin connectors for controlling switches and fans. Likely as part of a chain. Well, extremely easily in fact.


This is much easier than most people think. It is essential to have your power supply cycle on and off a few times before you even crack open your computer case; but how can you turn on a power supply without hooking it up to your motherboard and case switches?

Every month they release empirical data on the differences between a power supply hookup of the latest computer components and search how certain components differ under specific usage. The plugs are shaped differently to mesh with their particular connector.

Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For Dummies

If it is, put a cool glass of iced tea in your hands. However, I'm a bit puzzled at where some of the power supply's plugs and cords are supposed to go. For those of us that want to go a step further you can take a multi-meter and measure the voltages within the 3. On its other side, dozens of colorful cables flow from a small hole.

I hope this document helps anyone who is looking for assistance with choosing and installing a power supply hookup supply. The power supply stores powerful jolts of electricity, even when the computer is turned off and unplugged.

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Subscribe to Tom's Hardware. If you are unsure of what components are in your computer or what components you are going to build your computer with then its best to determine this prior to searching for a power supply as you will have no basis to judge your requirements off of.

This can allow you to change certain components of a system build to see how the power requirements differ.

This is the highest rating for standard V power supplies. Most cases nowadays have their power supply mounting located at the bottom of the case though not all.

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If your country uses volts, flip the switch to the volt setting. At this point your wallet will be feeling a bit empty due to the astringent price attached to any platinum certified power supply.

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This makes running cables out of sight and hidden behind the back side of the motherboard tray extremely easy and efficient. After this is done you should have all of your necessary power cables sitting out the back side of your case.

Make sure to have the power supply cable plugged into the wall outlet.