Rheostat hookup Potentiometer as a Rheostat

Rheostat hookup

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Begin by measuring the length of wire you will need to connect the rheostat hookup to a convenient location on the chassis. Ground the first terminal of the pot. It's a variable resistor.

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I've seen something similar but with 2 pins bridged one outer and the middle. Is there a way to wire a digital display to this so that it reads resistance if you are doing something remotely? Let me know how much detail you want in the answer If it's a school project, maybe babysitter dating will be another use for the variable resistor in the future?

Introduction: Wire a Potentiometer As a Variable Resistor

May 21, Posts: When you move the knob from the right extreme the resistance changes dramatically then becomes almost constant as you approach the left extreme position. Thanks for the lesson.

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Salman Naveed author gdomantic Reply The reading on the voltmeter should change as the shaft is turned. How do I wire it to decrease or rheostat hookup resistance?

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Here is what I need. Is this article up to date? Maybe the site has other products that would work?

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Solder the wire carefully to the terminal. I would really appreciate any help cause I need to know how it works for a science project. Swapping terminals 1 and 3 the ground and input connections will cause the attenuation to increase as the pot is turned clockwise, rather than counter-clockwise.

Rheostat hookup help

If the potentiometer is in good working order, this additional wire makes no difference whatsoever. Wire the second terminal to the circuit's output.

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This means the resistance of the material inside the pot is uniform for all positions of the knob.