Seho and nana dating Jo Se Ho Asks Nana Out on a Movie Date on “Roommate”

Seho and nana dating

Both of them have straightforward personalities. But Korean TV is as predicable as an atomic clock, so anyone who thinks anything and dating ever really be revealed spontaneously about dating, sex, etc.

I thought you really meant love. Mark Tuan's Queen Bae. Today, I am back again to talk about my fa Have you seen the tumblr for Roommates fans to write what they think?


K-Pop A lovely place where you can share your love for Kpop with people from all over the world! I highly doubt that we'll see the loveline expanding or any other loveline expanding in 'Roommate' at all.

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It's not like they murder someone. I honestly don't remember everything from past episodes, and I don't understand the idiom you used since it's the first time I've seen it, even though it may just be reiterating what you've just said earlier. They can't see Nana anymore though," referring to her reportedly being taken by Hong Jong Hyun. Smooth move, just declare each other or somebody will steal ur lover I didn't like her first but now she's my bias in Girl's day!!

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We didn't even see each other alone. Poor Nana, she has to explain herself. I hated how he lied about having multiple properties in different cities in an attempt to one-up Kong Ling Qi, despite quickly retracting his words. Discussions from allkpop Forums We were with other friends.

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I didn't even knew who Chanyeol was before Roommates, and if Chanyeol wanted to get to know Nana and loveline with her, the EXO stans should have accepted that. Download the Amino App to see more and datings.

Shannon says she has to be quiet and obedient for her company to promote her? So this post is They don't want an Angelina Jolie to get with their Brad Pitt, they'd rather see her with Ron Jeremy to feel safe and for her to fail, in a absolute dating means. LOL when they hang out netizens assumed they are dating.

Search Query Display results as: If that part was real, where Nana had to meet him alone for a business meeting, Seho really just ruined it for her and made it about his fan meeting. But then i saw the picture. After a series of denial from the companies of Nana and Jonghyun including WGM Production, an aquaintance of Jonghyun anonymous stood up and made a statement.

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Can't a male and female be close friends?? When Seho "paired up" with Nana, the love subsided. I think they're shipping Nana x Seho because they feel safe with someone they're jealous of lovelining with someone she would be wasted on.

He turns 27 today! Oh you mean h8. They can't even go out together as friends without a scandal like this breaking out. What I like about fiction is that at least the lie is complete.