Sm yg dating A new dating scandal will surface between members of YG and JYP?

Sm yg dating

When it sm yg dating to SM all I can say is that its artist all seem to be similar to me and the company might have some issues when it comes to 'how to treat your workers'kinda matter I believe that SM Entertainment has many great and multi-talented artists. Also, don't let Somi rot in the practice room. They do quite well with managing each group they put out except maybe f x.

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JYP is known for leaving a sm yg dating behind. YG produces great music and hip hop seems to become a "distinctive YG sound" but sometimes I feel that they are too similar in some parts, it makes them sound recycled at times imo don't hate me I still love the music. If you suit a concept, they let you do that concept for a long period.

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Every Company wants someone good Looking. He sold it over to the current ceo, jung wook.

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Lol but they always date don't they? As a company, they have great dancers and vocalists and not so great rappers.

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I really don't expect anyone to agree with me because all there statements I made were merely from what I have seen from idols so. Soul is producing more for other artists rather then his own music. YG tends to look for talent over looks SM tends to look for looks and good-looking people more than talent JYP looks for both And I found some percentages about how much they pay idols but - off the top of my head I can't remember. SM gives comebacks to their most popular artists kinda like JYP.

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In YG, there are less artists, but YG tends to produce the most iconic of idols. Their artists have the freedom of what they want to produce and that is why it takes them the longest for comebacks and debuts.

A lovely place where you can share your love for Kpop with people from all over the world! Also so far JYPE stars love to going around and be friendly with everyone even from different company while YG mostly being friends around them only.

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Ayeon gets okay promotion, but Bernard and G. Yg he is on the hiphop side which means he gives his groups more promotion then his soloist.

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Like EXO released 7 albums in This is mainly due to YG's selectivity and SM being a constantly growing company. And JYP also has some immense talent, and I feel like everyone there is really passionate about what they do, and really supports their fans!

JYP tries to be cheap but not too cheap They do this by not spending too much on set but also not spending too less Example is twice's like ooh ahh they gained more than they spent they only rented 1 floor of a place, a bus and a ground and actors. They do a lot of thinking behind everything.