World of tanks matchmaking bullshit Sick and tired of your bullshit match making

World of tanks matchmaking bullshit

The problem is that as you add more conditions equal of each tank type at each tier when drawing from a relatively small pool of players, queue times are going to skyrocket.

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You would think since he played over 10, games in his first account he would be unstoppable. I dont think it's possible for a completely free player to get near or into the 6K range. I can say with zero hesitation that the game is totally rigged.

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See what I'm saying? I thought I was the only one thinking the same thing.

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I know you are correct here. The players seem to love the current system.

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What skill level am I? Its all good because in about a month War Thunder brings out its ground vehicles - which will make WoT look like a steaming pile of elephant shit. Whether this is true or not depends entirely on your brackets, and honestly, most SBMM do not use hard brackets, but soft ones.

Secondly, random chance is the best algorithm.

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Most steamrolls are just do to tomatoes being tomatoes. That's not what balancing is supposed to fix.

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Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. The main probem is more and more people are getting higher tier tanks but not enough new blood is coming in. The game types follow no predictable pattern, have had 4 x 15 v 15 total losses in a row, and up to 8 various game type wins in a row, Yes all this is random speculative information, but when you start watching your game results with this in mind a patern becomes clear.

Even game down to the last couple of tanks.

World of Tanks or Fuck That Matchmaking

Nobody is punished or rewarded in that scenario. Looks like the mechanics that they made doesn't work quite well in some matches including this one, and They should fix this matchmaking too real quick, or else, people won't give a fuck to this world of tanks matchmaking bullshit n' just randomly leave.

Wargaming admits XVM gives information that they are missing from their side and they might address this; XVM Win Rate predictor is wildly off, Wargaming looked into the data and concluded that is wrong most of the times. This game never will be fixed.

Enjoy tracking and outplaying people without support while getting crushed and focused by enemy arty. I've noticed the same issues several previous posts have illuminated. As for the fps mention aove, WoT isn't an signs you are dating the wrong woman. The ultimate proof would be to start buying gold ammo and play with top tier tanks showing that the same results are reachable if they can't nerf you to the level of average players.

The repair bills are 19K and scouting usually results in a loss of 10K to 15K in credits. It's just mathematical probability given the way the game is structured.